F a i t h 



Faith is a thing I cannot see, yet with it I build my life.

I’ll believe what is good, and trust what is right,

rest in silence, avoiding strife.


His Holy Word and His Presence have become my light of day.

I will not fear the darkness now because I can see The Way.


While wandering on the stony ground and brushing the thorns on each side,

I feared for my life, nearly losing my soul ‘til in Jesus I came to abide.


Now I know Faith is not just a feeling, nor a mysterious vapor or cloud.

Faith is my trust in my Savior’s Word, as I speak it, and sing it out loud.


It’s God’s plan alone, His plan for my life that will rescue me from harm.

My loved ones too, be they far or near, by His grace are kept safe and warm.


So, whether or not I “feel” it, and whether or not I see,

If His Word gives me Faith to believe it, then I know

I T   W I L L   S U R E L Y   B E !



(Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.)                                       

(Please read Psalm 23.)

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