Air Force One - the Film




AIR FORCE ONE - the Film






Yet within hours, Air Force One was hijacked

by a brutal band of terrorists from Kazakhstan, 

deceptively disguised as the journalists whom

they had killed.


 "Agree to our demands,

 or we will kill one person 

 every half-hour . . .

 We're losing fuel -

 refuel us."



National Security Advisor is killed.

Sadly, the Vice-President  accepts the demand. 

"The fuel is on its way."









After pretending

to leave the plane, Marshall hides, looking for 

opportunity to overcome hijackers.


Pres. Marshall and woman who enables

him  to send fax instructions to

White House staff.


Meanwhile, the First Lady and daughter

are being held in communications center.

President's PR assistant: 

"I don't want to die!"

But another lamb is slaughtered.


Vice President announces highjacking

to press and to the world. U.S. Constitution

is consulted. Secretary of Defense pushes to

have President Marshall declared 'incapacitated'. 

Vice President almost signs it - then stops . . .









After the hostages have parachuted

from the plane, the President wins his

hand-to-hand with the lead terrorist. 

He dispatches his body to parachute to earth, 

shouting, "GET OFF MY PLANE!'

The President's daughter encourages him

as he takes the controls.










The fighter escort pilot sees it will be impossible to land the plane,

so a rescue vehicle is sent. All parachutes are gone.

Air Rescue specialists take First Lady, her daughter and

a wounded man to the rescue ship. 

Then Secret Service agent who had aided the terrorists, 

reveals himself at last.





Marshall wins again, and the line

attached to the plane above, pulls him up through the air to safety.

Air Force One hits the ocean, carrying the traitorous agent with it. 

Then shaky but undaunted, 

Frank Marshall is pulled aboard the rescue plane, 

now called, AIR FORCE ONE.

The White House rejoices, those around the world rejoice --

but mostly, the huddled man, his wife and their daughter,

are thankful - for they still have each other.






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