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Exclusive: Lord Monckton shares conversation he had with 'assimilated' global warmer

ERICE, Sicily - The Borg are among the nastier critters in "Star Trek." Their sole mission is to "assimilate" every human throughout the galaxy, turning each of us into gray, shuffling, acquiescent androids who no longer think independently but become part of a sinister hive mind with a single unconsciousness.

The Borg are the ultimate Marxist collective.

Here in Erice, a medieval monastic village perched on a mountaintop overlooking the Mediterranean in Sicily, the World Federation of Scientists is holding its annual meeting on planetary emergencies. And The Borg are among us.

We must neutralize Them before They assimilate us, or the merry, Christian, capitalist civilization of the West - the kindliest and most successful in history - may be lost.

In the fragrant garden of one of the three former monasteries where the World Federation quietly operates the most high-powered institute for advanced scientific and mathematical study on Earth, one of the Borg - once an eminent scientist - approached and offered to assimilate me.

Surely, said Nameless of Borg, there ought to be a dialogue between those who, like Them, accepted the Party Line on global warming and those who, like me, did not.

I sat with him on a bench as the unseasonal but agreeably cool clouds swirled around us and asked him to say what They thought was the single most important item of evidence that man was altering the climate dangerously enough to require the West to shut itself down in the name of Saving The Planet.

The melting sea ice in the Arctic, he said. That was the only piece of evidence They needed.

Tell me, I said, how much sea ice there had been in the Arctic in 1922. He consulted the hive mind for a moment and said "We" did not know. There were no satellites watching then.

Precisely, I said. So how did They know that the extent of sea ice in the Arctic today was less than it had been in 1922, when the U.S. Meteorological Service reported less sea ice than it had ever seen? Even then, how did They know the ice loss was man-made? After all, the Antarctic sea ice has been growing for 30 years.

Mindless of Borg backtracked rapidly. They did not really think science was the real issue. What really mattered to Them was the economic damage global warming would do. Compared with that, any collective action to prevent it would be cost-effective.

I referred Them to the Federation's latest "Annual Proceedings," to which I had contributed a paper demonstrating irrefutably that any conceivable measure to try to make global warming go away today would be 10-100 times more expensive than letting the warming happen and paying the far lesser cost of adapting to its consequences the day after tomorrow.

They decided that They needed to get some sleep. Even the hive mind must rest, it seems.

Though numbers are essential to any scientific discussion, Clueless of Borg did not put forward a single quantity. For the Party Line was all that mattered to Them.

Pointless of Borg was no longer capable of conducting anything recognizable as a normal scientific discussion. For the hive mind had adopted what philosophers call an aprioristic position - the unshakable preconception that global warming had to be a problem. No amount of evidence to the contrary would or could make any difference to the Borg.

Here is just one item of evidence.

Global 'Warming' chart

According to the satellites operated by Remote Sensing Systems Inc., there has been no global warming at all for 16 years 8 months. 

Yet CO2 concentration continues to rise quite rapidly. Not one of the Borg's three dozen computer models had predicted anything like 200 months without so much as a flicker of warming.

Professor Antonino Zichichi, the particle physicist who first isolated anti-matter, is Italy's most distinguished scientist. He founded the World Federation of Scientists 50 years ago and is its president to this day. The president of the Italian Senate has joined us this year to convey the Italian government's appreciation for his outstanding record.

One of the reasons why Nino founded the World Federation was to restore reason to her throne in the sciences after the totalitarian horrors of Fascism and Communism. Try telling that to Hopeless of Borg.

The Party Line gave us eugenics in Nazi Germany and killed 6 million Jews. The Party Line gave us Lysenko in Russia and killed 20 million Soviet citizens. Now the Party Line gives us global warming. 

When will They ever learn?

Yet the Borg have made a strategic error. In the end, either the world will warm every bit as fast as They predicted, or it will not. On the evidence of the past couple of decades, it will not.

So the Borg are going to have to change Their hive mind, whether They like it or not. That unavoidable rethink, forced by Nature's reluctance to do what They want, may yet destroy the hard Left and let the West live.

In Christian theology, the three faculties of the soul are the memory, the use of reason and the will. The power of reason is the central faculty of the soul. Above all else, our power to think for ourselves - and not to have the thinking done for us - is what marks us out from the rest of the visible creation not only as being human but as approaching the divine.

Take away our capacity and our right to think for ourselves, as Senseless of Borg and his ilk aim to do as They assimilate us, and you take away our humanity itself.

It is this sad, immoral process of anti-scientific dehumanization that Nino Zichichi has fought with such quiet and efficient determination all his life. For that, he deserves the highest honor that Italy, in the person of the president of her Senate, can bestow.

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