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Exclusive: Dan Cummins predicts prosecution of churches post marriage rulings


Dan Cummins is founding pastor of Bridlewood Church, Bullard, Texas, and originator of "Washington, A Man of Prayer," an historical event held annually in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol honoring the inaugural anniversary of President George Washington. His website is

After World War II, Stalin installed an iron curtain around Russia, keeping his capitalist neighbors from eavesdropping. The Chinese accessorized their Cold War condo with a bamboo curtain deterring pesky peeping toms from the West. Soon Mr. Khrushchev, keeping up with his Commie neighbors, built a privacy wall and gated community secluding East Berliners from greedy, free-market entrepreneurs soliciting door-to-door. Not to forget Kim Il-Sung's ensemble of razor wire and land mines across North Korea's 38th parallel to discourage those JWs and LDS types from indoctrinating the folks.

Now, in the midst of the American Culture War, behind another curtain of sorts - a life-size photographic scrim concealing a facelift to the Supreme Court's crumbling west fašade - Justice Anthony Kennedy has ordered a redecorating of the nation's landscape with a bold, colorful and inclusive statement - the Rainbow Curtain - a polyamorous blend suited for a post-moralist motif, designed to safeguard the modern American family from the narrow-minded views of those "animus"-filled Founding Fathers.

From their juridical lair, the liberal Gang of Five recently set off a catalytic charge toppling traditional marriage - the last principled pillar upholding Uncle Sam's home. Just how long can his 237-year-old colonial manor remain standing minus its moral supports intact is anyone's guess. But the collapse of America's moral infrastructure has been irreversibly set into motion by five legislating justices.

As the new civil rights movement packs the neighborhood streets shouting, "Move that bus," is America ready for the extreme home makeover the LGBT architects have designed for the evolving modern family?

Like a surreal scene from "Red Dawn," America woke up on June 26 to a divided nation with 95 million of its citizens in 13 states held hostage to judicial legislation, trapped behind the Rainbow Curtain and forced to accept the moral dictates of the elitist ruling party - a pentagram of liberal judges on the Supreme Court.

Many of those hostages, like California's residents, were disenfranchised of their constitutional votes in the process.              What's ahead for those in the Gay Zones who refuse to comply with Kennedy's dictates - re-education camps for homophobic racists? 

Will Big Sis employ foreign troops invading through our unsecured borders to enforce the transition into this brave new world? What stark new realities are ahead for those behind the Rainbow Curtain? 

Will Americans become refugees in their own country as they flee with their families into neighboring Free Zone states? Where are Patrick Dempsey and his pack of Wolverines when we need them?

The Supremes striking down Prop. 8 and partially ruling on DOMA have given the prize - marriage without borders - to the LGBT crowd and thrown the pro-biblical marriage community a legal bone by kicking the can back to the Free Zone states to argue it out in court.

What does this mean for the 70 percent of the U.S. population living in the Free Zones? Watch what happens to the families, businesses and churches in the Gay Zones who refuse to comply with Kennedy's Court. Be forewarned and become forearmed.

The LGBT radical leadership has set its sights on the remaining 37 Free Zone states. They have made it clear that they will not rest until the "majority" opinion becomes the law of the land. They will act quickly while the power structure in Washington remains intact and supports their philosophies. They are well-organized, liberally funded and zealously motivated in their quest to establish their newly won minority status - now complete with legal standing to empower their zealots. Pro-biblical marriage groups are not prepared nor organized to oppose their well-planned, thought-out agenda.

Churches in the Free Zones will be intentionally targeted by transplanted same-sex couples unpacking their rainbow watermarked marriage licenses issued in the Gay Zone states. They will demand membership in your churches. Businesses will be forced to render services to LGBT demands or face discrimination lawsuits. School boards will be sued and parents powerless to keep their children from being taught homosexual curricula in schools.

Their goal is to challenge Section 2 of DOMA (standing of the 10th Amendment and states' rights to define marriage) in the courts via the same appellate process as Prop. 8, until SCOTUS strikes down DOMA entirely. According to those leading the defense of traditional marriage, this process will take between two to five years. If the bench in D.C. does not have new conservative faces by the time these appeals reach SCOTUS, they will suffer the same fate as Prop. 8.

Once DOMA is struck down entirely, the real consequences of June's demise of democracy become apparent. With a 50-state Supreme Court mandate forcing a redefinition of marriage along with Justice Kennedy's majority opinion labeling dissenting beliefs as "animus" toward this new social class' civil rights, any church standing upon biblical grounds for traditional marriage and against homosexuality will be labeled as the new KKK of this generation's civil rights movement. Its clergy will be compared to the likes of David Duke and convicted for hate speech inciting civil unrest. Just look to the 1983 Supreme Court decision Bob Jones University v. United States, regarding interracial dating and marriage. The precedent has been set.

The new persecution of the church will be in the form of prosecution of the church. This legal martyrdom will be slow, painful and expensive. Some churches, especially in the Gay Zones initially, will fold under the financial strain.

The end result for any church refusing complicity to the court's opinion will be loss of tax-exempt status. The IRS will not only control America's health care but her religious institutions as well. For those churches indebted by hefty mortgages, the outcome of losing membership and their tax-exempt tithes will be potentially fatal. As foreclosed church properties flood the real estate market, they will be prime choices for government community centers. You say this can't happen in America? We were saying similar things 10 years ago about same-sex marriage and 40 years ago about abortion. Wake up!

Maybe China is the new model for American society. When the choking dust clouds from the collapse of the last societal pillar of biblical, natural marriage stops rolling through the streets of our cities and states, we will witness the aftermath left by Kennedy's ruling upon our families, churches and religious freedoms. Will there only be two churches left in America when that time comes - the State church with its complicit clergy complete with gay members, and the underground church of Jesus Christ? Take heart - the greatest revival in the world is now taking place in the underground church of China. Maybe revival is coming to America after all. Either way, better get a Bible.

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