Benghazi Whistleblowers Speak at last !

     Congressional Benghazi hearing      

     Whistleblowers Speak at last !     

House Oversight Committee,
U.S House of Representatives
May 8, 2013

Chairman Darrell Issa

Chairman Darrell Issa 
and staff,
listening to Hicks, Thompson 
and  Nordstrom


Cong. Jason Chaffetz, (Rep/UT)

Cong. Jason Chaffetz
was committee's representative
in first conversations 
with the witnesses.

Gregory Hicks

Gregory Hicks

Former Deputy Chief of Mission 

for U.S. in Libya.

"There have been estimates that 

up to 60 attackers were in 

the compound at one time.

I was told that fighter jets that
were 2-3 hours away had 
no way of refueling.
Mortars took the lives of 

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods

The mortars were terribly 

accurate and precise."

Mark Thompson



Helped establish an Office of Hostage Affairs 

in Baghdad and Iraq

                                                                                                                              Deployed to Yemen
with State Department
Emergency Support Team

after USS Cole Bombing

"I was told that area may be too unsafe for 

Foreign Emergency Support Team"

Thompson's account [re Benghazi]

was suppressed by State Department 

Accountability Board 

convened by Secretary Clinton

Out of frustration and anger
on September 21, 2013, Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton had famously said,

     "What difference at this point does it make?"     



Top security advisor in Libya 

for Ambassador Stevens in 

months leading up to the attack

Eric Nordstrom 

fought back tears 

during opening Benghazi statement: 

'It matters' . . .

[We have only begun the process to untangle


Let us pray fervently for

the investigators

the principals


for the wisdom and

fear of the LORD

for ourselves.]



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